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Stone Qualities

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Pic Code Type Details Color
AB Amber light stone made from the fossilized resin of trees: known as the gold of the North yellow to orange
AM Amethyst wonderful purple gem symbol of sincerity and peace of mind. Birthstone for the month of February purple, lilac or mauve
BT Blue Topaz beautiful light blue stone,rare in nature light blue to deep sky-blue
CI Citrine variety of yellow quartz, birthstone for the month of November pure yellow to yellow honey
CZ Cubic Zirconium man-made highly refractive stone used to imitate diamonds Clear
GA Garnet beautiful blood stone of fertility, birthstone for the month of January normally dark red in color dark red, red, orange, green, violet-red
IO Iolite glistening violet/blue stone that filtered the haze and glare for Vikings violet blue
LB Labradorite beautiful stone with lovely play of colour blue, green, yellow, opalesence
MS Moonstone translucent stone for good fortune becoming greatest when the moon is full silery white
PE Peridot beautiful vitreous luster olive green stone, birthstone for the month of August lime or olive green
PI Pink Ice energy from within itself with vitreous pink highlights pink clear
PU Purple Ice a warm energy bringing subdued but powerful strength purple clear
RH Rhodochrosite beautifully pink stone that promotes love, peace and energy red, pink
RQ Rose Quartz pink! love!- gentle pink stone of warm love pink
RU Ruby stone of love,queen of the gems,birthstone for July -hardness, durability, luster and rarity fiery red
SA Sapphire the most intense color corundum gem of heavens, birthstone for the month of September blue, orange, yellow, violet, green, white and pink
SW Swarovski Crystal the world’s finest man-made crystal clear, bermuda blue, rainbow
WH White Crystal clear colourless hight-energy quartz crystal clear
Inlaid Stones
AZ Azurite azure-blue color of the mineral, with green ore of copper highlight, a beautiful ornamental stone dark blue to azure blue
BO Black Onyx a rich saturate black stone that enhances emotional balance black
CA Carnelian a wary & wonderful sexy orange stone bright orange to reddish orange
CO Coral from skeletons of animals under the sea, treasure of the ocean Red, pink, and white
GR Green Agate this stone will bring peace and happiness green
LA Lapis royal ultra-marine blue stone.that is nature spiritual and heavenly dark blue
M Marcasite a beautiful lustrous metallic stone silvery-white to slightly goldish tone
MA Malachite a basic copper carbonate that is a beautiful green earth stone with flowing black bands of beauty emerald green to grass green
SU Sugilite The stone of Higher Love purple, orchid brown
TQ Turquoise vibrant light blue stone with pureness of the American Indian soul sky-blue to bluish green, robin’s egg blue
AL Abolone natural, beautiful, and quite rare from the sea blues, greens, violets
MP Mother of Pearl skeleton of sea mollusks-lustrous and opalescent from the ocean shore white, pink
PA Paua Shell from New Zealand Paua Shell beautiful deep-sea blue rich in highlights
PL Pearl product of a living creature, the oyster brings great powers from the sea
PS Pink Shell mother of perl pink
1 RW Rainbow colourful layer of high quanlity polymers red, orange, yellow, green, blue,purple
2 YY Ying Yang balance of life forces black & white
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