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Frequently Asked Questions contains our Bio, About Us, our Jewelry methods and techniques, materials and designs. There are Metal content and calculations if you would like to convert weight or size and  calculations for alloys . Design shapes and styles , ring sizing chart,  stone and gem information and standard Native Mythology.

 The Mythology  here is based mainly on a Chipewyan perspective. It  is a very generalized view into the connectivity of Native cultures and the Animal world. It is very generic. In other worlds a certain animal, shape or design is not necessarily  a given standard or interpretation throughout all Native Indian’s Cultural background.

This section also clarifies  how to order or return an item for repair as well as various tips and tricks to keep your precious jewelry shiny new ! We will do what we can to keep you as a customer and make sure you have an item that you wear with pride. If your item needs touching up or any repair then we have to possible addresses for you to ship it to us. Please contact us for the best way for you to have your piece look like new again.

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Frank and Marlene Marasco

About Us – Bio

FAQ - We Buy Scrap Gold

We Buy Scrap Gold

FAQ - Metal Alloys and calculations

Metal Alloys and Calculations

FAQ - Anniversary Info Modern & Traditional

Anniversary Info Modern & Traditional

FAQ - Customers Pics

Customers Pics

FAQ - How To Order

How To Order

FAQ - Design Info and How It's done

Design Info and How It’s done

FAQ - Guest Book

Guest Book

FAQ - Mythology

Chipewyan Mythology

FAQ - Ring Size Chart

Ring Size Chart

FAQ - Returns Policy

Returns Policy

FAQ - Stone Qualities

Stone Qualities

FAQ - Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Complete Sitemap

Complete Sitemap

FAQ - Bear Claws in 14k gold on silver - 1" wide

Making a Bracelet

FAQ - Medicine Wheel Information

Medicine Wheel Information


There is also a noteworthy section with customer’s pictures.

We stand behind our Lifetime Guarantee

We will clean,re-buff,re-cut,re-size or fix any flaw on all jewelry we sell for as long as the owner has the piece , for free.

Information - About Us, Metal Calculations, Anniversary Info, Customers, How to Order, Shipping Design Info, Stone and Medicine Wheel Info, Jewelry cleaning
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Information - About Us, Metal Calculations, Anniversary Info, Customers, How to Order, Shipping Design Info, Stone and Medicine Wheel Info, Jewelry cleaning
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Bearclaw Jewelry,
Box 3264,Mission,BC, Canada-V2V 4J4,
Telephone No.1-604-614-1853
Information - About Us, Metal Calculations, Anniversary, Customers, How to Order, Shipping Design Info, Stone , Medicine Wheel Info, Jewelry cleaning, return policy, making a mountain ring making a bracelet

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    Where is your store?

    • (Administrator)

      Hi Silvia ( I’ll answer you via email as well…)
      Info : We are in the Vancouver area and work privately but sell Internationally. We do not have a retail outlet / physical store but ship world-wide and also do a few shows each summer in BC….Kamloopa PowWow and the New Westminster Food Truck Fair.

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    I would like to arrange for an appointment to view wedding ring sets on June 11th, what time do you have available? thanks Dave

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      I sent an email but don’t know if you received it…. please phone 604-614-1853



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