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( All items come with a silver chain… upgrade is possible if you wish ! We also have Italian, US and German made chains from major suppliers in traditional and modern creative styles )

Pendants Explained

Various styles and themes are available , also, any precious material or combination of material is possible. They can be hand crafted and constructed or cast. Various gems and precious or semi-precious stones are also available. Cuff-links, tie-tacs and broaches are also available. Finally, Motorcycle badges and emblems are also possible.

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Bearclaw Custom Jewelry
Bearclaw Custom Native Jewelry
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Pendants- Gem Stones, Medicine Wheel ,Mountain, Appliqued, Birds, Capped claws and teeth
USD $70 - $1000
In Stock or Custom Made
Available in Stock

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    Hi there I have a pendent that I have found and I am not sure what its meaning or what its value may be if I sent you a pic wondering if you could help me as well maybe find the maker.
    THANK YOU for your time Jsun

    • (Administrator)

      Sure, send me some clear, in focus, pictures of the inside initials and marks as well as the outside views from various angles.

    • (Administrator)

      Hi Jsun….
      I may have given you the wrong email address to respond to….please send pictures to


  2. (Administrator)

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