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Bracelets, Custom made in silver, gold , platinum and gem stones by Bearclaw Native American Indian Jewelry. Cast , appliqued and Engraving ,gems and custom Chipewyan silver and gold jewelry with Native and Nature themes our specialty. So …. One-of-a-kind Unique quality. These are mostly Cuff style but many styles are available, thinner multi-piece or gemstone , like the ‘tennis’ bracelet style, or creative cut-out shape and designs or multi-stoned bling-bling style.

Appliquéd silver gold cuff or medical


Cherokee Bracelets silver gold cuff custom warrior journey spiral of life


For Baby!!!! silver gold inscription date name weight keep sake memento

Baby ( a keep sake from Granny )

Feather & Bird Bracelets gold silver cuff custom eagles hawk raven falcon hummingbird

Feather & Bird Motif

Gold Bracelets cuff bear wolf eagle owl raven medical

Gold – ( this was my first gold bracelet. It was for Marlene in 1993 or 4 )

Silver Bracelets cuff animals feathers claws paws engraved custom


Medicine Wheel Bracelets cuff gold silver gems feathers

Medicine Wheel

Mountain Bracelets cuff silver gold appliqued sun moon


bracelets gems silver gold sapphire ruby diamonds citrine peridot emerald

With Gem Stones

Non-Native Custom Bracelets cuff custom animals dogs silver gold

Non-Native Custom – (probably the most difficult to do )

Animal and Nature motifs are our specialty. Any width or length is possible. but some designs require a larger space or loose quality of detail and artistic evidence.

The Gem stone bracelet above is a style from a Chipewyan beaded gun-shell bag given to me by Uncle Bart MacDonald from Fond-du-Lac Saskatchewan

Some Non-Native designs seem to be the most challenging.

Have a look at my Dragon and the 2″ Piano Bracelet. I began the piano to try and have a 2 dimensional medium look like a 3 dimensional object.

Appliquéd ( metal on metal ) , engraved and added precious and semi-precious gem stones add substance and complexity.

The making of an appliquéd bracelet

– Cost

These are mostly cuff bracelets. A style common to Kwakuilt custom, but other styles and shapes are possible. There are so many theme variations and designs possible, but I have to admit I haven’t strayed from the cuff style too far since it is very conducive to engraved design where many slim or wire based bracelets just do not give much area for design.

I have no problems with different suggestions and styles and would welcome a fresh approach and idea from you.

FOR BABY - Generally, the 1/4" and the 3/8" wide bracelets fit. - 1/4" or 3/8" - silver $110 - 1/4" - 14k gold - $850 - 3/8" - 14k gold - $1100 Put a name , date or inscription on the back. About 30 to 40 characters will fit, ( with a space being counted as a character ) SILVER AND GOLD SILVER - 1/4" - $190 - 3/8" - $260 - 1/2" - $310 - 5/8" -$365 - 3/4" - $420 - 1" - $470 14k GOLD - 1/4" - $620 - 3/8" - $880 - 1/2" - $1240 - 5/8" -$1480 - 3/4" - $1740 - 1" - $2480 - 1-1/2" to 2" $2400 to $5000 depending on wrist size APPLIQUÉD - ( metal on metal ) - For Gold on Gold or gold on Silver email for prices Cost may change with the gold market
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Bearclaw Custom Jewelry
Bearclaw Custom Jewelry
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Comments to “Bracelets”

  1. Reply

    Hi Frank

    I was chatting with my son and he thinks we should go with something like Mnb3 with the mountains and gold tips and just place the 5 birthstones above the peaks?


    Thank you Randy

  2. Reply

    Hi Frank

    We spoke on the phone today. I am looking to have a bracelet made for my wife for her 50th birthday and also our 25th wedding anniversary. I like the silver and gold bracelets…..maybe silver with some gold inlays. I like animals that represent strong family connections and am leaning towards the wolf. We have a family of five and I was hoping to have all of our birthstones incorporated into the bracelet. The birthstones are as follows:

    Wife – Sapphire
    Mine – Aquamarine
    Oldest daughter – Aquamarine
    Eldest son – Amethyst
    Youngest son – Topaz or Citrine

    Could you come up with an idea for me. I like a width of 5/8 or 3/4 ……flexible on this. Her wrist size at the bones is 6 1/4 inches. I was hoping to get it back to Kelowna by Thursday September 20th. My daughter lives in New Westminster and is coming up to Kelowna on the 21st so I could also get her to pick it up on the way.

    Looking forward to your response and costing.


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