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Travel Bearface rose gold wheelChipewyan Mythology
Bear– Introspection – the bear is the pathway to the dream world and other levels of imagination and consciousness. Female receptive energy. Represents Strength and Power 
Eagle – Spirit- closest to the Great Spirit. Eagle feathers are earned through acts of kindness,unselfish generosity, caring and being a good role model for children. Say your prayers to Eagle who takes them to the Great Spirit
flying eagle silver and gold feathers chain Chipewyan Mythology
wolfface in sand casting Chipewyan Mythology
Wolf – Teacher – Shares knowledge with others, aids and guides children of the earth. Strong sense of family and loyalty
Whale – Record keeper Carries the History of Mother Earth
whale pendant in goldChipewyan Mythology
cast beaver in bronze Chipewyan Mythology
Beaver-Builder- The ‘doer’ akin to water and earth energy. Incorporates a strong sense of family and home
Turtle– Mother Earth Oldest symbol for planet earth. Turtle protects you from hurt, envy and jealousy. Teaches the art of grounding. North America is known as turtle island.
engraved and cut out turtle in silverChipewyan Mythology
frog earrings in silver Chipewyan Mythology
Frog – Cleansing – akin to water energy Frog gives support and energy. Cleans negativity from the environment
Owl-Deception Sees what others can not. Associated with clairvoyance and magic. Can not be deceived
owls and ruby sapphire eyes Chipewyan Mythology
cut out hummingbird in silver Chipewyan Mythology
Hummingbird – Bringer of life, love and spirit. It’s only purpose is to bring love and find beauty
Medicine Wheel – Circle of Life , Balance of mental, spiritual, physical and social, the 4 directions
medicine wheel 4 directions mammoth tooth onyx coral and jasper Chipewyan Mythology
spider in silver Chipewyan Mythology
– Weaves the web of fate, is the symbol for infinite possibilities. Represents
the wheel of life
Cougar – the balances of power, leadership and conviction.
cougar face cuff bracelet in silver Chipewyan Mythology
wolverine paw cast in silver Chipewyan Mythology
Wolverine – Reserved power and strength in self. Tenacity and unquestionable belief in ones own ability.
Silver – Female Energy Creative , intuitive energy
zia sun in silver ring Chipewyan Mythology
grizzly bear walking in gold Chipewyan Mythology
Gold – Male Energy- the sun.
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