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Non-Native Bracelets – ( hand engraved )

Non-Native Bracelets

These Custom Bearclaw Jewelry Bracelets are very unique and a pleasure to create. They are mostly customer driven, ( requested ) for the memory of a beloved pet that has gone or a deep symbology identified with the customer. Motif is wide open to imagination including basset Hounds, german shepherd, dragons, tigers and my favorite, the piano.

Non-Native Bracelets - NNb3 - 2 Dragons in silver - 1-1/2" wide cuff

NNb3 – 2 Dragons in silver – 1-1/2″ wide cuff

Non-Native Bracelets - NNb3 - 2 Dragons and Initials

NNb3 – 2 Dragons and Initials – This personalized with  Initials but other options are possible










The Dragon Bracelet

This dragon bracelet was for our Daughter’s birthday and was the first of it’s kind. Dragons are such a challenge ! It’s so easy to do an ugly ( mis proportional ) dragon ! The 1-1/2″ width was also a first and widest done to that date, ( I did a 3″ for the lead singer of Anthrax , Joey Belladonna, after this one ) Belladonna is part Iroquois on his mother’s side and part Italian-American.  He was the lead singer of Anthrax from 1984 to 1992, ,returned to the band  and toured during 2005 and 2006 and a reunion tour and album in 2010.

Joey Belladonna - Anthrax

Joey Belladonna – Anthrax

There is the 3″ bracelet… His wife says, ‘ He wears it all the time ‘.

These 2 samples are of Man’s best Friend. A memorial bracelet for the beloved family member.

Non-Native Bracelets - NNb13 - 1" Basset Hound Bracelet- 'Doosi' in silver

NNb13 – 1″ Basset Hound Bracelet- ‘Doosi’ in silver

Non-Native Bracelets - NNb13 - Spencer and Sophie 1-1/2" Basset Hound Bracelets

NNb13 – Spencer and Sophie 1-1/2″ Basset Hound Bracelets








The Basset dog breed was bred for hunting small game such as rabbits and is still used for this purpose in some parts of the country. When he’s not on the trail of a bunny, he’s a laid-back family friend who loves kids

NNb15 - Bengal Tigers Dancing on 1" wide band silver cuff bracelet

NNb15 – Bengal Tigers Dancing on 1″ wide band silver cuff bracelet

NNb14 - Piano Bracelet

NNb14 – Piano Bracelet – Trying to get a 3 dimensional look from a 2 dimensional material. How do the black keys look ?








Puli Bracelet

NNB28 – Puli Bracelet- gold and silver


Non-Native Bracelets - NNb17 - Single Dragon on 1" silver bracelet

NNb17 – Single Dragon on 1″ silver bracelet

Non-Native Bracelets - NNb17 - 4 Dogs engraved - Husky- Boston Terrier, MinPin- Chihuahua, german Shepherd

NNb17 – 4 Dogs engraved – HuskyBoston Terrier, MinPinChihuahua, German Shepherd









Copper Silver Holes

NNb1a – Copper Silver Holes

Medical Alert Bracelet

Medical Alert Bracelet – silver on copper

NNb16a– Arabic style cuff – Horse, Cat and Name – 1-1/2″ wide







Non-Native Bracelets Costs
Prices will vary depending on complexity of work, size, material and stones. Contact me for a quote, ( I'm Friendly ! )
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Bearclaw Custom Jewelry
Bearclaw Custom Jewelry
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