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Kanji Chinese Characters Pendants

Kanji Chinese Characters Pendants – Round designs

Here are links to some Characters – Kanji – Chinese 1 – Chinese 2- Kanji Zone ( also Katakana Hiragana and Romaji ) – Japanese Names

Obviously ,(  just about ) , every saying, expression, wish or thought can be expressed in these languages.

Some translate very easily from English but some are a little more difficult. There are a few sites above that can translate or at the very worst can exchange single characters or phrases from English to the desired character set.

Use you imagination !… ( I have just about heard them all…..), so don’t be afraid and see what your though looks like in Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana, Romaji or Chinese characters !

Kanji Chinese Characters Pendants - NNKp6a - 1" Eternity symbol with stippled center disc

NNKp6a – 1″ Eternity symbol with stippled center disc

Kanji Chinese Characters Pendants - NNKp3 - Buddist Symbol

NNKp3 – Buddist Symbol

Kanji Chinese Characters Pendants - NNKp6 - Kaizen- Continuous Improvement

NNKp6 – Kaizen- Continuous Improvement


NNkp7 – Yin-Yang

There is one caution I should mention….At times there is a size restriction when someone wants what I consider ‘ the bible engraved on the head of a pin ‘ syndrome. There is always a compromise but do be aware that the simpler the expression or thought  then the more likely it is that you have some say about the pendants size and shape. Some sayings and expressions translate into a single character and some translate into 2 or more… Think of it as one syllable in English ‘usually’ translates into 1 character but then again… a triple syllable english expression could also become a single Kanji character….so have a peak at the sites listed above, and see what you can come up with.

Stones and gems can easily be added for a little exclamation point for your design.

Kanji Chinese Characters Pendants – Other shapes and designs
Kanji Chinese Characters Pendants - NNKp12 - True Love Kanji Square frame pendant in silver

NNKp12 – True Love Kanji Square frame pendant in silver

Kanji Chinese Characters Pendants - NNKp15c- Trust - Soul mate with Onyx and Diamond in silver, about 3/8" X 1-1/4" ( 10mm X 30mm)

NNKp15c– Trust – Soul mate with Onyx and Diamond in silver, about 3/8″ X 1-1/4″ ( 10mm X 30mm)

Kanji Chinese Characters Pendants - NNKp9 - Teardrop style Kanji Pendant

NNKp9 – Teardrop style Kanji Pendant

Kanji Chinese Characters Pendants - NNKp2 - Kanji Pendant- Body - Mind - Spirit

NNKp2 – Kanji Pendant- Body – Mind – Spirit

Kanji Chinese Characters Pendants –  costs


Tear Drop shape - 1-1/4" x 7/8" - silver $95 14k - $480 Cut-Outs - silver $95 - 14k gold $425 Round Disc Pendants... 1/2" diameter - Silver $65 - 14 gold $210 5/8" diameter - silver $75 - 14k gold $ 275 3/4" diameter - silver $85 - 14 gold $315 1" diameter - silver $90... 14k gold $425....Silver on silver - $175 and up....Gold on silver - $265 and up.....Gold on gold - $440 and up Rectangular Pendants 1-1/8' by 3/8' by 1.4mm or 1.5mm thick - silver $70 - 14k gold $290 and up Cost may change with the gold market Email for prices
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