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Gems-Bracelets – Precious gem stone bracelets, hand engraved by Bearclaw Native Indian Jewelry, Unique Chipewyan silver gold jewelry with various themes such as hummingbird, flowers, Chipewyan mythology and a variety of gemstones available.

Gems-Bracelets - BSt1- Ammolite and traditional Chipewyan Flowers

BSt1– Ammolite and traditional Chipewyan Flowers

Gems-Bracelets - BSt6- Deer Horn & Bearclaw Disc

BSt6– Deer Horn & Bearclaw Disc







The Chipewyan

The Chipewyan inhabit the central Canadian subarctic region. Chipewyan people call themselves collectively Dene (The People). Chipewyan, their common English name, generally is regarded as deriving from a pejorative Cree description of the inadequacy of their first attempts to prepare beaver skins for the fur trade. Early Hudson Bay Company records and especially Hearne’s Journaly written by Samuel Hearne and published in 1791, often refer to the Chipewyan as Northern Indians. Also, Yellowknives, sometimes regarded as a separate tribe, generally are considered to be a branch of the Chipewyan that merged into other Athapaskan-speaking populations during the fur trade period.

Gems-Bracelets - BSt3 - Bearclaw and Sapphire

BSt3 – Bearclaw and Sapphire

Gems-Bracelets - BSt3 - Bearclaw and Peridot

BSt3 – Bearclaw and Peridot









is the most precious and valuable blue gemstone. It is a very desirable gemstone due to its excellent color, hardness, durability, and luster. In the gem trade, Sapphire without any color prefix refers to the blue variety of the mineral Corundum

Peridot is named after the French word peritot, meaning gold, because the mineral can vary towards this color. Peridot is the birthstone for the month of August. Ancient papyri record the mining of these stones as early as 1500 BC. The main source of peridot in the ancient world was Topazo Island (now Zabargad or St. John’s Island) in the Egyptian Red Sea.

Gems-Bracelets -BSt4 - Snowy Owls , Eagles and Turquoise

BSt4 – Snowy Owls , Eagles and Turquoise

Gems-Bracelets - BSt5 - Roses and Dragonflys with Topaz

BSt5 – Roses and Dragonflys with Topaz








Turquoise is a stone of well-being. It contains protective properties that help ward off negative energy with the purity of natural elements such as water and air. The most legendary of all the stones, the Turquoise crystal has reached rock star status in the world of healing minerals. Its dazzling blue-green shade made an appearance in ancient Egypt around 6000 BCE where it was incorporated into protective amulets and royal bling for the likes of King Tut and Cleopatra.

Topaz actually has an exceptionally wide color range that, besides brown, includes various tones and saturations of blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple. Colorless topaz is plentiful, and is often treated to give it a blue color. Topaz is also pleochroic, meaning that the gem can show different colors in different crystal directions.


Gems-Bracelets Costs
FOR BABY - Generally, the 1/4" and the 3/8" wide bracelets fit. - 1/4" or 3/8" - silver $110 - 1/4" - 14k gold - $850 - 3/8" - 14k gold - $1100 Put a name , date or inscription on the back. About 30 to 40 characters will fit, ( with a space being counted as a character ) SILVER AND GOLD SILVER - 1/4" - $190 - 3/8" - $260 - 1/2" - $310 - 5/8" -$365 - 3/4" - $420 - 1" - $470 14k GOLD - 1/4" - $620 - 3/8" - $880 - 1/2" - $1240 - 5/8" -$1480 - 3/4" - $1740 - 1" - $2480 - 1-1/2" to 2" $2400 to $5000 depending on wrist size APPLIQUÉD - ( metal on metal ) - For Gold on Gold or gold on Silver email for prices Cost may change with the gold market
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