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Sale Page

Sale Page

– all made and ready to go

These itmes are in stock. They have either been ordered and never paid for, were made as a sample or have a minor flaw. ( all flaws are declared below )…no secrets, just want to clean the closet out !

Coming soon…….Double-Click on the Title or Thumbnail

Sale Page Items Sale Page
Sale Page - eagle ring in goldStay Tuned…I’ll list them soon….
Bracelets Sale Page - Some Eagle bracelets coming soon to the site
Earrings & Pendants – Cufflinks etc… Sale Page - ERn15- Bearclaw Earrings - hooksAmolite pendant and others coming soon
Chains  Sale Page - Box chainsome delicate 14k and 10k bracelet chains coming

… the main chains page is here….

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I have some small thin gold chain bracelets that have been here forever….If you got this far I’ll give them to you for the cost of the gold but weight, ( should be about 30% off….

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Bearclaw Custom Jewelry
Bearclaw Custom Native Jewelry
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Sale Page for returned or slightly damaged items
USD $20 - $1000
In Stock or Custom Made
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All designs are original and property of Bearclaw Jewelry -Box 3264 Mission B.C., V2V 4J4, Canada- 1-604-614-1853
Bearclaw Jewelry offers custom native, American Indian jewelry, Authentic Gold platinum silver rings bracelets earrings pendants and more