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Silver Rings

Silver Rings – 2 basic categories with several variations

Silver Rings - Paw - Animal -Face Motif - Cherokee Grizzly Wolf Paws in Silver

Animal -Face Motif

Silver Rings - Silver Bird - Feather Motif Rings Hummingbird and Turtle

Silver Bird – Feather Motif Rings

Silver Rings – pricing
– thin band ring costs $110 , ( 4 to 7mm ),
-wide band version would be $130 ( 8-10mm ).
-Wider bands are $130+ ( 11 – 12mm )
Silver rings , Animal and bird motifs
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Silver rings , Animal and bird motifs
Silver Rings , animal and Bird Motif- wolf, grizzly hummingbirds etc Sun, turtles feathers eagles hopi
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Bearclaw Custom Native Jewelry
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