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Silver Rings

Silver Rings – 2 basic categories with several variations :

  • Paw and face which includes all meat eating or Undulates – their paws ,profiles and faces.
  • Feathers and Birds which ( you guessed it ) include all fine feathered friends that fly or have feathers

Click on the  main 2 categories and see many more samples  :

Silver Rings - Paw - Animal -Face Motif - Cherokee Grizzly Wolf Paws in Silver

Animal -Face Motif

Silver Rings - Silver Bird - Feather Motif Rings Hummingbird and Turtle

Silver Bird – Feather Motif Rings

Unique Chipewyan silver jewelry . Casting and Engraving with themes of Sun, turtles, hummingbirds, feathers, eagles, hopi and Native symbols
Silver Rings – pricing and costs vary slightly, but basically a thin band ring costs $110 , ( 4 to 7mm ), and the wide band version would be $130 ( 8-10mm ). Wider bands are $130+ ( 11 – 12mm )


You can easily see that any symbol, shape or design can be considered for custom work.

The biggest restrain is the bands width. Thin bands at times shrink the design too much and the detail is compromised. Send me some ideas and let’s see…

Silver rings , Animal and bird motifs
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Silver rings , Animal and bird motifs
Silver Rings , animal and Bird Motif- wolf, grizzly hummingbirds etc Sun, turtles feathers eagles hopi
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Bearclaw Custom Native Jewelry
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