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Medicine Wheel Rings

Medicine Wheel Rings – Main Categories

These are the 5 main categories for the medicine rings but your imagination could probably come up with some variations. The stone or color combinations may change due to belief, history or whim. They are not a constant ‘ etched in stone ‘ color combination for the 4 quadrants but may alter depending on tribe / Band and geographical area in North America

The quadrants represent the 4 corners, the 4 attributes and 4 houses of the Medicine Wheel. Spiritual, social, mental and physical quadrants contain chip inlay of various stones. Mammoth tusk, onyx, coral and jasper are appliquéd in north, east, south and west , black, white, red and yellow. They colors and animals associated with the 4 corners may change from tribe to tribe, beliefs or possible life achievements depending on the Tribe

Medicine Wheel Rings - gold appliqued on silver

Appliqué Rings


Medicine Wheel Rings - Chip Inlay Medicine Wheel Rings

Chip Inlay Medicine Rings

Medicine Wheel Rings - ChSt16 - Wolf paws with diamond, Carnelian, Citrine and Turquoise, (replacing Onyx)

Channel stone-set Rings

Medicine Wheel Rings - MdSt35a - 2ct Ruby ( 7mm X 5mm )- emerald cut in 14k white on white with white stem

Medicine Wheel  / Gems

Medicine Wheel Rings - Engraved Medicine Wheel Rings


Medicine wheel Information, it’s meaning, color options and connectivity with the 4 directions can be seen here.


Thanks to  Indigenous Corporate Training for this info….

How long ago stone medicine wheels were first created is still up for discussion but some have been dated to 4000 BC. This is when the Great Egyptian Pyramids were built.  There are suggestions that the Big Horn Medicine Wheel, the largest and oldest, could be millions of years old. The original name for medicine wheels was “sacred circles” – the term “medicine wheel” was coined by non-Native Americans in response to the Bighorn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming.

The circle shape represents the interconnectivity of all aspects of one’s being. This includes the connection with the natural world. Medicine wheels are frequently believed to be the circle of awareness of the individual self. This circle of knowledge that provides the power we each have over our own lives.

Medicine Wheel Rings – Cost
BASIC RING COSTS - in the info below.... 1. Find the type of ring you would like - (Engraved, Appliquéd, Wrap-around, Cast, Mountain,) 2. ...find the width , (Thin, Wide, Wider ) .... 3. ....then metal content...( gold, silver, gold on silver., gold on gold ...etc) 4. Platinum depends on finger size , width and are generally 3-5 times gold 5. Rough costs are listed below due to finger size , design complexity and gold market. ENGRAVED RINGS - Thin bands -1/4"(6-7mm) - Silver - $100 - $120 - Gold - $630 - Wide Bands- 3/8"(9.5mm) - Silver engraved - $110 - $130 - 14k gold engraved - $660 APPLIQUED THIN BANDS (metal soldered on metal ) - Silver on silver- $290 - $420 - Gold on Silver- $450 - $700 - Gold on Gold- $500 - $750 APPLIQUED WIDE BANDS ( metal soldered on metal ) - Silver on silver $250 - $500 - 14k gold Disc on silver $250 - $500 - 14k gold (large /complicated) on silver $490 - $700 - Gold on Gold $700 - $990 APPLIQUED WIDER BANDS - 7/16 to 1/2"(11mm -12.7mm) - Silver engraved - $120 - $150 - Gold engraved - $740- $800 - Appliqued wider - Silver on silver $350 - $550 - 14k gold Disc rings - on silver $280 - $570 - 14k gold ( large-complicated ) on silver $600 -$800 - Gold on Gold $800 - $1100 WRAP-AROUND BANDS - 1/4"(6mm) - Silver engraved- $100 - $120 - Gold engraved- $470 - $670 - Appliqued wrap-around bands - Silver on silver- $280 - $400 - Gold on Silver- $280 - $500 - Gold on Gold- $490 - $900 Email for prices
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