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Ring Info

Ring Information

The first evidence of a ring  was from around 2800 BC: Egyptians are buried wearing rings made of a single silver or gold wire on the third finger of their left hands, believed to be connected directly to the heart by the vena amoris.

There are so many variations and styles it is hard to break them into categories, but here is a good start.

There are differences in the metal content:  silver, platinum,  yellow, white, rose( pink )  or green gold.

stone choice:  diamonds, rubys emeralds etc etc etc….

also differences in the methods for making:  Engraved, Appliquéd, Wrap-around or Cast

width plays a large part:  thin ( 4-6mm), medium ( 7-8mm ) wide ( 9-11mm ) and wider ( 12+mm)

I have categorized my rings along the same lines …engraved only, or gold or silver , or appliquéd categories

There is one other factor for the categories…

I specialize in Nature and animal themes so you will see categories that define a certain group, such as:

‘ bird and feather’ motif’s

as well as ‘Paws and Face Motif’s ‘

Also, if you search for, let’s say ‘wolf’ you will may find some designs you like that are on a bracelet or earrings. Many times a design can be shrunk or altered to fit a ring, or enlarged for a bracelet. Ask me and I’ll see what may be possible.


We will not copy another artisit’s work or design.

It may be a form of flattery but it is also ‘stealing’ another’s idea.

Anything that is on this site that is not my design should have a note to recognize the artist. I work with a few Kwakiutl artists from North Vancouver Island and they receive a commission for any designs they have done for each time someone requests that design.


There are several hundred ring designs broken into these different areas BUT any motif, on any metal or combination, with any stone and any method will be considered.

You bring the imagination, I’ll bring the technical experience.

Let’s see what we can do.

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