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Medicine Wheel Pendants

Medicine-wheel-pendants-4-directions – Samples

Medicine Wheel medicine-wheel-pendants-4-directions ,  possible  in Gold, silver, platinum and a variety of gem

Medicine Wheel Pendant

MWp1 – Medicine Wheel Pendant creator

Medicine Wheel Pendant

MWp3 – Medicine Wheel Disc

Medicine Wheel Pendant

MWp4Flying Hawk Coral Inlay , Diamond Onyx Coral and Citrine

Medicine Wheel Pendant

MWp6 – 7 Sided Medicine Wheel with 2mm Sapphire, 3mmTopaz in Silver

Medicine Wheel Pendant

MWp7 – 6-2mm Garnets, Citrine, Sapphire and Topaz ( the placement was their request and is NOT the standard : North = white, E=yellow, S=red, W=black

Pendant Costs – But really depends on complexity and stones required

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