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Capped Claws-Teeth Pendants

Capped Claws-Teeth Pendants

Everything is available in any gold or silver…

Pen9 silver and gold caps for Black Bear and Grizzly Claws

– Pen9a silver and gold caps for Black Bear – Pen9b – with engraved grizzly paw print on top – Pen9c – Capped Grizzly and Kodiak Claws


Wood Saber Tooth in Kokobolo

Kokobolo Wood Saber tooth – Pen9H

Wolf Tooth Cap

WolfTooth – Pen9G

Grizzly Claw in silver

Pen9J – Silver cap on Grizzly claw



Capped Claws-Teeth Pendants – variations

Constructed and cast versions for teeth

Capped Claws-Teeth Pendants - Pen9q Black bear tooth cap in silver

Pen9d Black bear tooth cap in silver

Capped Claws-Teeth Pendants - Pen9q Black bear tooth cap in silver

Pen9e Black bear tooth cap in silver

Capped Claws-Teeth Pendants - Claw Cap Small in Silver -3

Pen9f Claw Cap Small in Silver -3

Capped Claws-Teeth Pendants - Pen9r - plain tooth or claw caps

Pen9r – plain tooth or claw caps

Capped Claws-Teeth Pendants - Pen9m-2 cap for Bear tooth

Pen9m2 – cap for Bear tooth with gold paw

Capped Claws-Teeth Pendants - Pen9m,n,p and q Capped Teeth and claws, Grizzly Black bear tooth, black bear claw and wolf tooth

Pen9m,n,p and q – Our first caps from the 90’s . Capped Teeth and claws, Grizzly Black bear tooth, black bear claw and wolf tooth.










Pen9r - Cast Bear and Cougar Claw with silver claw and gold cap.

Pen9r – Cast Bear and Cougar Claw with silver claw and gold cap.

Capped Claws-Teeth Pendants – costs
The cast caps  are:
silver - $60 each
10k gold- $350
14k gold- $450

Constructed caps are:

silver - plain or engraved $70
14k paw on silver $90
14k gold - $450 

Sorry, We can Not accept any Animal parts that are transferred across International Borders, so a personal one of a kind fit is for Canadian friends only....others can send pictures and measurements .... 
We do not supply or sell the claws or teeth.

Capped Claws-Teeth Pendants – What I Need for your cap…

Canada Customs frowns on sending any claws through the mail…. …SO…..You can send pictures, or if it is an unusual shape, and can’t send it to me over International Borders,  then you can use the paraffin wax method.

The 2 methods , cast and constructed, can both be done.


– Imagine a finger ring, put in a vise and squished from round to oval….now add a top cap and  jump-ring for the chain. – Pics 1 and 2 below…( not necessary to have any design or ‘things’ on the side.)

Bear Tooth Cap and Claw Cap

Pen9q Bear Tooth Cap and Claw Cap



– a wax mold is made and the tooth set in.
–  I would carve a piece of wax or use wax sheet , ( my wax is made of %60-80 plastic and %40-%20  paraffin wax ) make it fit precisely on the tooth…./ then shape the outside to match the design or curve of the tooth….

Grizzly Cap in Wax

Grizzly Cap in Wax

– To make a piece without having it in my hand requires you to do a little wax work.
– take the tooth, place a piece of cling-wrap around the tooth and dip the tip ( size of the desired cap ) into melted paraffin wax, ( picture 4 is a Saber-Tooth tigers  tooth paraffin wax mold from a customer in Indiana…. picture 5 is the cleaned up cap all cast in 10k gold )

– paraffin wax can be bought at any local store …they use it for sealing home-made jam ….or… melt down a candle in a jar that is in a pot with water
– I’ll send you info on this method if you wish…
– then, send it to me and I will clean , shape and attach a jump ring…
– I’ll send it to my casting guy and then detail it when it returns…( pics 5-6 and 7 )
Costs for the plain constructed cap would be $60 -$80 for silver and maybe $2-400 for gold , ( depends on size etc ).

Cost of the Cast Cap depends on size , material and is in my caster’s hands…so…from $80 to $500 ( silver / gold ? )

Wax and GoldSabertooth Tigers Cap - SilverShark Tooth Cap

Wax and Gold Saber-tooth Tigers Cap – Silver Shark Tooth Cap



Take 3 IN FOCUS pictures next to a ruler and send me 3 pictures of the claw or tooth that show the three dimensions…height, width and depth.



Cap Measurements for claws

  1. Caps will be rough on the inside
  2. Put masking tape or something around the cap to protect it from scratches.
  3. Trim the claw , (File, belt-sander… ) to the 3 dimensions given for your cap, as seen in the 1st 2 pictures below.
  4. (NO GLUE YET )…Make sure it fits….. claw corners are rounded like the cap and tooth and may have to be squished to get the cap on.
  5.  A little loose is OK but test the fit …adjustments will come later.

This is a test run for when the epoxy is applied you will only have 5 minutes before the epoxy starts to set !

  1. Have hammer , ( or rubber mallet ) and wooden dowel or leather piece ( from belt ? shoe ? ) and wooden piece as a surface, tooth picks ( wood stir stick ) for stirring the epoxy on a piece of paper, razor blade or exacto blade or sharp knife
  2. Drill small holes, ( 1/16″ or so ) at angles around the top and inside ( 2nd set of pictures).
  3. Work the mixed epoxy ( 2 part, 5 minute),  into the holes , top of claw, and inside cap.
  4. Put the cap quickly on the claw and close any gaps. or loose fitted sides tight with a rubber mallet, wooden hammer, and block of wood, or, tap on a leather strap to close it, or vice with wooden jaws……anything except smacking it with a chunk of metal ( bare hammer face ).
  5. The Timing will change between each application depending on the amount of hardener used, or temperature, but, after 10-15 minutes the epoxy may be sturdy enough to be cut….first squish / hammer the sides in tight and then push epoxy into any gaps and cut off excess glue around the cap’s edge.
  6. Your biggest problem is buffing the cap after all the glue is gone….since you may not have the tools that I use be extra cautious not to scratch the cap when you take off the excess epoxy. ( that’s why you wrapped it in masking tape )
  7. NEXT DAY , take off the tape and clean glue with methyl alcohol ( hydrate ).
How to set tooth and claw caps

How to set tooth and claw caps

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