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Bird-Feather Pendants

Bird-Feather Pendants

Obviously any bird can be represented in Jewelry either with abstract or realistic representation. All metals and gems are also possible. This leaves everything wide open to your imagination as to what your pendant will be of. It’s all up to you, or pick something on our site that catches your eye. I am the technical balance for materials, size, shape and other things and you are the basic concept and imagination.

Let me know what you are drawn to and see what unique and one-of-a-kind art we can design for you.

Bird-Feather Pendants - Pen31 - Eagle in Teardrop

Pen31 – Eagle in Teardrop

Bird-Feather Pendants - PenF18- Engraved feather in shape of heart

PenF18– Engraved wings in shape of heart.

Bird-Feather Pendants - Pen13 - Flying Falcon pendant

Pen13 – Flying Falcon pendant

Bird-Feather Pendants - PenSt8 Pheonix pendant in silver

PenSt8 Pheonix pendant in silver. Pheonix explanation thanks to Mythical Realm

Bird-Feather Pendants - Pen20 - Silver owls - some with gemstone eyes

Pen20 – Silver owls – some with gemstone eyes

Bird-Feather Pendants - Pen21 - Cutout Hummingbird

Pen21 – Cutout Hummingbird

Bird-Feather Pendants – costs


Tear Drop shape - 1-1/4" x 7/8" - silver $95 14k - $480 Cut-Outs - silver $95 - 14k gold $425 Round Disc Pendants... 1/2" diameter - Silver $65 - 14 gold $210 5/8" diameter - silver $75 - 14k gold $ 275 3/4" diameter - silver $85 - 14 gold $315 1" diameter - silver $90... 14k gold $425....Silver on silver - $175 and up....Gold on silver - $265 and up.....Gold on gold - $440 and up Rectangular Pendants 1-1/8' by 3/8' by 1.4mm or 1.5mm thick - silver $70 - 14k gold $290 and up Cost may change with the gold market Email for prices
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Bearclaw Custom Jewelry
Bearclaw Custom Native Jewelry
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Bird-Feather Pendants
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