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Knives – ( many samples coming some day like this Cocobolo and Hawk Knife )

Others Barrettes silver gold custom hummingbirds whales feathers raven medicine wheel dragons


BB5 - Wolf Face -silver engraved wolf

Belt Buckles

Others curb chain gold wrist necklace silver custom figaro mariner


Others Moneyclips eagle gold soccer golf star dragon tiger


Others Cufflinks silver tie-clip sun moon golds bearclaw wolfpaw eagle grizzly cougar paw


Others Non-Native Designs kanji chinese katakana

Non-Native Designs

Others Sports Themes soccer basketball football hockey volleyball golf tennis

Sports Themes

Others Diamond Information GIS round marquise clor clarity cut carat flawless VS1-2 brilliant cut 4C's

Diamond Information

Others work from 1989 to present

Some 1st Work

Others all price lists

All Price Lists

FlexFit Hat

FlexFit Hats – email us for color availablity

FlexFit Hat

FlexFit Hat

FlexFit Hat Caps Bearclaw logo All Colors

FlexFit Hat Caps Bearclaw logo All Colors

FlexFit Hat

FlexFit Hat – Various color combinations

4" Bronze Beaver

Bronze Castings







This category contains all other items we make , including Bronze, Barrettes and Belt-buckles, Hats, sports items and money-clips. We also have hundreds of chain types and sizes for any pendant, or just to wear as a piece by itself. Also Cuff-links and Non-Native designs in all categories. Finally, information on diamond type, quality cut and color as well as a complete price list of our products. As well as an interesting array of our first work, from 1989 to about 1998, before we entered the Internet.

This page / section is a catch-all for the many designs we have done, such as paper weights and award plaques which  show the variety and flexibility of Bearclaw Jewelry.

Personally I like to view the 1st Work designs. There are some very challenging items that I had to figure out, like a puzzle, since I hadn’t previously completed that procedure and may not have known what would be successful. My first response has always been to accept the challenge since either myself or my circle of brilliant Jewelers could help me complete the project.

I have only refused a couple of projects since the 1980’s, either due to the difficulty, a design that we couldn’t compromise on ( practicality vs aesthetics ) , or it was based on another’s concept or art that I did not own the rights.

The most memorable rejection was that I refused to cast a Toe in silver. I refused and deleted the correspondance but really should have questionsed where why and who about the Toe first.

The ‘oddest’ Kanji engraved ring was for ‘ Yummy Love Slave ‘… which I also didn’t question, ( rightfully so ) .

So goes Custom work and design.

Other Custom Bearclaw Items and Categories
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Other Custom Bearclaw Items and Categories
Others Custom Bearclaw Jewelry Items - barrettes, belt-buckles cuff-links, money-clips chains, sports themes, diamond information ,our first works....
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