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Contact Us Either Email us or phone

 Email Us ….or Phone # 1-604-614-1853

( West Coast of Canada, Pacific Standard Time )


2nd – Send Information.  It is best not to send  Visa or Master Card Info Over the net… I would suggest:

A) Email us with the item and order # you like or

B) phone us , 604-614-1853 , with your mailing address and Visa Information

C) or send info and Money Order or certified Bank check by regular mail to:

Frank or Marlene Marasco

Box 3264 Mission B.C., V2V 4J4 BC, Canada

Do not put the words ‘Jewelry’ or ‘Bearclaw’ on any letter or package. 

Don’t forget , depending on your type of order, make sure you give us all the information we need to contact you as well as article  size, stone quality , 

metal preference or whatever needs to be mentioned. All Major Diamond and Chain purchases and orders over $1000 , Bank
Check or Interact Only.

Email Us – email  info here
phone – 604-614-1853
or: or send messgae to Facebook/BearclawJewelry
or : regular mail – ( box 3264 Mission BC, Canada, V2V 4J4 )
We enjoy creating individual pieces if you have a design in mind please
Email or Phone us so we may discuss your preference

p.s….. We do not give appraisals on South West designs For appraisals of turquoise jewelry or other Southwest Indian artifacts we recommend Joan Caballero from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She may be contacted at or her web page here.

The Basic steps…

#1 Design – ( Send me item numbers , pictures , wishes etc…)

– we will do the organizing….you just have to let us know what you would like. ( size, shape, style, stones etc….)

#2 Phone

– then a phone call would be good for address and Visa / MC info, half down for larger orders ( $500 + )

– 604-614-1853

#3 – Confirmation

– I will send a confirmation so you have something in writin

#4 – Make

– I make and do…depending on the season and where you are it would be from 1-4 weeks….

#5- Tracking Info + Pictures

– I will send tracking information and pictures when I am finished and ready to ship so you know what it looks like and when it will arrive. I ship registered, express and insured. ( my responsibility until it arrives ).

#6 – Smile

– you smile and perhaps write an entry in our guestbook or FB site (bearclawjewelry)

Privacy Policy:

All customer information is keep completely confidential and used only for customer approved contact or transactions. Customer Information is never sold or transferred to any third party except the customer approved credit card company or banking institution.

P.I.A. TAX – ( Pain In The Ass Tax )

Many ‘late’ rush orders are requested that just have to be somewhere within 7-10 days. This means I usually stay up late ( overtime ), and push back the 2 to 10 other orders that are ahead of you. Would you work overtime for free ?

There will be a $50 to $100 rush charge depending on how despirate it may be and how complicated.

……In other words….please think ahead.

Shipping Policy

We ship world wide by the best method possible, Insured, Registered mail and Express or Expedited

Registered Express and Insured in Canada- $20 -$25 :  to the US -$25-$28. Fedex $30 – $50 ( a day quicker but
much more expensive with the same win/lost record as regular mail ) : international -$55 – $80

Rough time-line …for Registered Xpresspost shipping is…

Canada – 2-4 working days : US – 2-6 working days International-5-15 working days


Canada – 1-3 working days

-US 4 working days

International-5-6  working days

If You Ship To Us , FIRST…CALL US ! 604-614-1853

Please ship to: Frank Marasco, Box 4364 Mission B.C. V2V 4J4, Canada

  • – Do not put ‘ Bearclaw’ or ‘Jewelry’ on the outside of the package .
  • – Ship registered
  • – Through regular Express or Registered mail, ( not UPS)
  • – insured for $100 – $500 or whatever
  • but


    , WRITE a quick note for inside stating that you are returning my product for repair .
  • DECLARE on the outside that it is a returned item for repair
  • ENCLOSE  a copy of the original invoice OR ask me and I’ll find your old order’s info….

Since if they open it to check the value then they will see that it is not an import but is being returned to the Country of origin.

Quite a mailing instruction for such a little package !

Return Policy for Custom work – ( We require half down for custom and gold orders )

We cannot return any personalized and custom requested items….for example

We would have no use or sale for an item with your name and wedding date…


Please be sure that you like the design you have chosen and Marlene and I will do all we can to give you a quality product..

All Custom returned items will be charged $50 or 10%,( our choice), to help pay for our time spent in production, designing ,emailing ,refurbishing, restocking, new stock acquisition and shipping .

We still stand behind our Lifetime Guarantee –

We will clean,re-buff,re-cut,re-size or fix any flaw on all jewelry we sell for as long as the owner has the piece , for free

For Chains

PLEASE….Make sure you know the style of chain you are buying as well as the width and length.

Go for a picture of various chain lengths…bottom of the page…..

It is very helpful to go to a Jewelers in your area and have a look ! If they have Italian Quality Chains then they are probably buying from the same supplier in Italy, which means we can offer a better price since we have eliminated a few middlemen.

We do not like returns as much as you don’t like paying for shipping and the 10% restocking fee….so….the Jewelry Store in your area should be your first stop to know what you want.

Also….Im sure that you can understand that we cannot return any personalized and custom made or engraved items.

For example:

We would have no use or sale for an I.D. Bracelet with your name and information on it ….

We stand behind our Lifetime Guarantee –

We will clean, re-buff, re-cut, re-size or fix any flaw on all jewelry we sell for as long as the owner has the piece , for free

Bearclaw Custom Jewelry material content .

All stock is  Top Quality Canadian or US regulated Alloyed gold, silver and platinum. There is no Mexican or other unregulated alloyed metals that are used.

Silver is .925 Canadian or US.  Chains are 14k , 18k, 22k or 10k Italian, US or Canadian.

All sheet is 1 mm thick.  Thicker metals ( 1.2mm to 2mm ) are used when requested.

Some cast items, chains or earrings may vary, ( .75mm to 2mm ). Also,  Some Custom chains will vary depending on size and style.

Custom one-of-a-kind Unique Hand-made Art. Nature and animal themes our specialty.

What do you have in mind?

All designs are original and property of Bearclaw Jewelry -Box 3264 Mission B.C., V2V 4J4, Canada- 1-604-614-1853
Bearclaw Jewelry offers custom native, American Indian jewelry, Authentic Gold platinum silver rings bracelets earrings pendants and more