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Non-Native Rings

Non-Native Rings – samples

More Rings - Non-Native Designed Rings kanji katakana chinese mythological symbols

Kanji – Chinese ( includes Katacana )

Non-Native Rings - NNcr5 - Vines and Oak leaves

NNcr5 – Vines and Oak leaves

Non-Native Rings - NNcr7 - Walking Tiger

Non-Native Rings - NNcr7 - Walking Tiger

Bracelet and Ring Layout

Non-Native Rings - NNcr7 - Walking Tiger

NNcr7 – Walking Tiger

NNcr9 - Shepherd and Labradoddle dog ring

NNcr9 – Shepherd and Labradoodle dog ring.

Non-Native Rings – costs

Pricing for Custom work will be ‘ about ‘ the same as any comparable piece on site, but depanding on complexity, materials, size and how hard it may be to do will determine hours and¬†therefore cost.

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Bearclaw Custom Jewelry
Bearclaw Custom Native Jewelry
Product Name
Non-Native themed rings
USD $110 - $2000
In Stock or Custom Made
Available in Stock
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