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Missing Murdered Indigenous Women

MMIW in Canada and the US

Missing Murdered Indigenous Women


This Indigenous Women human-rights crisis disproportionately affects Indigenous peoples in Canada and the United States, notably those in the FNMI and Native American communities. Wikipedia
Purpose: To increase awareness of disproportionate violence experienced by Indigenous Canadian and Native American women

some Canadian content and information

some US content and information   


long mmiw full cutout

PenMM-1a  –   1- 1/2″ Long Teardrop Pendant separate design with chain

Murdered and missing women long design with paracord

PenMM-1b  – 1-1/2″ Long Pendant separate  design with paracord

MMIW long and short teardrop pendants

PenMM1 and PenMM2    Long ( 1-1/2″ ) and short- (1″)  teardrop Pendant design

MMIW pendant designs

PenMM3a and b,  round and PenMM2 teardrop pendant designs. 1″ diameter, 3/4″ and 1″ teardrop

MMIW round earrings and pendant separate cutout designs

PenMM3a Pendant set with ErMM1- 3/4″ round earrings Shepherd’s hooks. Round pendant and earring design

There are a few different styles….
1 –  A cutout version of the whole hand missing with the profile in the center (PenMM1a) 2. –  or, a cast version with separate fingers and palm, and profile. ( PenMM2 , 3a and 3b ) 3. – The bottom picture with PenMM3a has a link that shows a bead blasted version rather than  high-polish . The face profile concept is copywritten , The hand for Missing murdered indigenous women is a public and generic design Chains or paracords are available, but, personal designs and shapes can be considered


Pricing –

Tear Drop shape

– 1-1/4″ x 7/8″
– silver $95
-14k – $580

Round Disc Pendants

3/4″ diameter

– silver $85
– 14 gold $315

1" diameter
- silver $90
-14k gold $425

3/4" diameter
- silver - $95
- 14k gold $480

Cost may change with the gold market Email for prices


Some US data – ( )


  • Indigenous Women (girls +) murdered 10x higher than all other ethnicities.

  • Murder is the 3rd leading cause of death for Indigenous Women (Centers for Disease Control).

  • Greater than 4 out of 5 Indigenous Women have experienced violence (84.3%) (National Institute of Justice Report).

  • More than half Indigenous Women experience sexual violence (56.1%).

  • 55.5 percent of Indigenous Women have been physically abused by their intimate partners.

  • less than half of Indigenous Women have been stalked in their lifetime (48.8 percent).

  • Indigenous Women are 1.7 times more likely than Anglo-American women to experience violence.

  • Indigenous Women are 2xs more likely to be raped than Anglo-American white women.

  • Murder rate of Indigenous Women is 3xs higher than Anglo-American women.

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