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Non-Native Rings – samples

Non-Native Rings - NNcr5 - Vines and Oak leaves

NNcr5 – Vines and Oak leaves


Non-Native Rings - NNcr5 - Vines and Oak leaves

Non-Native Rings - NNcr5 - Vines and Oak leaves

Non-Native Rings - NNcr7 - Walking Tiger Non-Native Rings - NNcr7 - Walking Tiger

Non-Native Rings - NNcr7 - Walking Tiger

NNcr7 – Walking Tiger








We use Shutterstock for free / royalty free images.

It’s easy to see that all you need is an imagination and an idea.   I’ll help design a very custom piece with you.

NNcr9 - Shepherd and Labradoddle dog ring

NNcr9 – Shepherd and Labradoddle dog ring. These beautiful animals are part of our Nephews family. ( we’re all Dog people…)

Obviously there are un-limited themes and designs that can be applied on your item. Send us a sketch or generic picture of what you may have in mind. Let’s see what we can come up with.

(Just a reminder, I do not do another person’s design or concept). There are many great ring designs that you may see. I have had many requests to copy another’s design, but, there is a thin line between an all-out copy of the item and a variation of the theme.

For example: I didn’t see any other Mountain ring designs when we did our first in 2000 to 2003. Now if you google ‘ mountain rings ‘ you can see hundreds of variations. Some that look very familiar to our shape / style and some that are great variations on the them. I wish I had done them. It would be impossible for me to try to use the copy-write laws on every instance. So… I guess I just have to accept the flattery that I have been bestowed with. Imitation is the highest form of flattery …etc  but I would rather get credit for what I have done.

Our Feather bracelet is another design that many people have used.  I challenge anyone to show me one earlier than 1991 ,when ours was featured in a National Canadian magazine.  … but, again… flattery I guess.

Non-Native Rings – costs

Pricing for Custom work will be ‘ about ‘ the same as any comparable piece on site, but depanding on complexity, materials, size and how hard it may be to do will determine hours and therefore cost.

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Bearclaw Custom Jewelry
Bearclaw Custom Native Jewelry
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Non-Native themed rings
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