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Manufactured Rings

Manufactured Rings

100’s of variations of rings coming soon

Here are a few samples to show some basic styles…email me if interested in seeing them

Manufactured Rings – Any combination of metals is possible but mostly the manufacturer does golds and platinum combinations, yellow, rose, white green and platinum combinations. Called 2tone Manufactured Rings. I buy the blanks that are odd sizes and ribs designs and hand engrave with whatever design you would like.

Manufactured Rings –

Multiple metal combinations, width and design are possible.

Also, Bearclaw can engrave various art if desired.








The rings above may not have opportunity to have any engraved design other than what the pattern is but they would stand alone as great wedding bands for men.

The samples you see when you click on one of the 5 categories are only a sampling of what they have available or can make. Also, with the variety of metals and their openness to new design  there are an incredible amount of styles available.











The 2-toned Ribbed band above is the common design that we use for various custom engravings. Flames are the most common for these but also a 4-direction style works well with gem stones in-between each symbol.

Basically, I have broken them into 5 main categories.

The 2 Tone Ribbed variety can be engraved in the center ‘ clean ‘ area.
There is also rings with Multi- Metal Combinations, Textured , Diamond Cut, and Fancy Cut.
Any Golds or Platinum Combinations , brushed, textured or polished are possible. Other techniques or design include Hammered, satin, bars, Patterned, ribbed, 2-tone and various combinations of these methods.


Umicore provides gold, silver and platinum group fabricated products in a wide range of dimensions and shapes. Standard products include grain, wire, plate, strip, tube and ring blanks. These products can be made to our standard specifications or to match the requirements of various jewellery and industrial applications.

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Manufactured Platinum and gold wedding bands
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