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Cast Rings – From wax to gold, silver or platinum casting by Bearclaw Native American Indian Jewelry. Cast then detailed and hand engraved. Wedding rings engagement rings friendship rings or just finger art they will be a one-of-a-kind ring.

Cast Rings - Cast Feathers Birds Rings

Cast Rings with Feather – Bird Motif

Cast Rings - Cast Rings in gold platinum or silver

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Cast Rings –  cost

The cost on cast items varies depending on weight and gem stones. It will generally be from 6 grams to 15 grams and $500 to $900 . Finger size and karat content are also factors. The rings shown of the left are 2 of the more ‘ heftier’ ones. Cast items are generally heavier but thin and delicate designs are available.

Cast Rings

The Casting  process , costs and the material costs are very much out of my hands during some of the operations.
If I don’t already have the mold made I start with a special hard wax that is a composite of paraffin wax and plastic,   among other elements.
I carve the item much like someone would carve a statue or mask from wood, only my tools are small burr bits on the end of a Dremel tool or small pointed and rounded spatula’s and knife shaped tools much like miniaturized kitchen utensils.  After verification from you I ship it to my casting guy and his automated and temperature controlled oven casts an exact replica of the wax, in silver or gold or platinum. His cost for this procedure , the material cost and the shipping there and back are beyond my control. My labor cost and for detailing is added on depending on the amount of work required.

I figure the amount of hours and charge accordingly and you end up with the original item or an individually detailed and still unique piece. ( all our work posted is original , and if from another’s concept they are given credit ))

Casting Fees for original designs... We will Custom design and cast your vision Depending on the quantity you would like we can cast and mass produce several of the same design. The original's cost would be: - to make the initial wax model is $50 to $100 - the cost for the rubber mold and secondary waxes (if needed) is $60 - each cast / flask needed is $60 - then silver is $14 per gram - or 14k is $55 per gram - or 18k is $70 per gram Pricing is bound by the current costs of our casting partner, ( a major player in Western Canada and the US ) Email for an estimate for your work.
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Bearclaw Custom Jewelry
Bearclaw Custom Native Jewelry
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Cast Rings
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