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More Rings

These pages include links to all the 4 Direction rings hand engraved or cast in gold, silver or platinum. Also Cherokee Indian symbols , non-native, wedding and kanji designs may also include gem stones such as diamonds ruby, sapphires,emeralds, opal, citrine, peridot and more.

The 4 Directions style have several categories and variations which may spark you imagination.
The manufactured items come from a major supplier in Ontario. They specialize in different golds and platinum content. Also, the Kanji, non-Native and Wedding sections contain enough to keep your imagination going.
Let me know what you have in mind.
More Rings - 4 Direction Rings gold silver platinum animal symbols mythology

4 Direction – (5 categories)

More Rings - Cast Rings gold silver elk animals bear wolf eagle diamonds chip inlay grizzlypaws

Cast – ( gold, silver, platinum )

More Rings - Cherokee Rings gold silver journey warrior spiral of life custom

Cherokee  Seal, and other specific symbols. Cherokee English Translator here

The central medicine wheel arrows represent the 4 directions of the wheel and more than north, east, south and west.  Those four quadrants themselves represent more than one concept. Let me explain. The quadrants represent the phases of life (childhood, adolescence, adulthood, Elder), the seasons of the year (spring, summer, fall, winter), the four cardinal directions (east, south, west, north) as well as our four sides (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

More Rings - Non-Native Designed Rings kanji katakana chinese mythological symbols

Kanji – Chinese ( includes Katacana )

More Rings
More Rings - NNcr5 - Vines and Oak leaves


More Rings - PlrSt10 - Cut-out leaves with ribs in Platinum with .82ct diamond

Platinum and Gem Stone

KanjiKatakana–  Hiragana –  HentaiganaChinese character

These can all be translated from English although like any language translation some meanings change.

As a Japanese kanji, it has several more meanings than the Chinese hanzi. Again though, despite these differences, most of the time the meanings are the same or very similar, leading me to say that hanzi and kanji are generally the same writing system. It wasn’t until pretty recently that hiragana was standardized. Until the 20th century, people could basically write hiragana however they wanted to. Those different ways of writing hiraganawere called Hentaigana

Platinum 2-Tone Rings

Wedding Ring Ideas – Various pictures of our designs and styles

Manufactured Rings

Manufactured Rings – about 100 shapes and designs coming soon ( some samples showing now )

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