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Everything is Custom done when requested .... email us

More Rings

The 4 Directions style have several categories and variations which may spark you imagination.
The manufactured items come from a major supplier in Ontario. They specialize in different golds and platinum content. Also, the Kanji, non-Native and Wedding sections contain enough to keep your imagination going.
Let me know what you have in mind.
More Rings - 4 Direction Rings gold silver platinum animal symbols mythology

4 Direction – (5 categories)

More Rings - Cast Rings gold silver elk animals bear wolf eagle diamonds chip inlay grizzlypaws

Cast – ( gold, silver, platinum )

More Rings - Cherokee Rings gold silver journey warrior spiral of life custom

Cherokee  Seal, and other specific symbols. Cherokee English Translator here

More Rings - Non-Native Designed Rings kanji katakana chinese mythological symbols

Kanji – Chinese ( includes Katacana )

More Rings
More Rings - NNcr5 - Vines and Oak leaves


More Rings - PlrSt10 - Cut-out leaves with ribs in Platinum with .82ct diamond

Platinum and Gem Stone

Platinum 2-Tone Rings

Wedding Ring Ideas – Various pictures of our designs and styles

Manufactured Rings

Manufactured Rings – about 100 shapes and designs coming soon ( some samples showing now )

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Bearclaw Custom Jewelry
Various ring styles
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Gold, Silver, Platinum Rings
USD $100 - $3000
In Stock or Custom Made
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All designs are original and property of Bearclaw Jewelry -Box 3264 Mission B.C., V2V 4J4, Canada- 1-604-614-1853
Bearclaw Jewelry offers custom native, American Indian jewelry, Authentic Gold platinum silver rings bracelets earrings pendants and more