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– Wolf Face – and 51 animals to form a wolf Art – Wolf Face is Hand engraved and 51 animals to form the wolf, Art engraved silver detailed and intricate design with eagles, ravens, hummingbirds, spiders, buffalos, salmon and more


Wolf Face - ArtIt is 14″ x 16″

Photo printed on Wood back ground


51 animals in the wolf faceMulti-animals to form the Face… ( detail is blurred on purpose…)

Engraving on a 4″ X 6″ silver sheet.
51 animals hidden to combine and make the wolf
Each Engraving signed
Maximum of 100 produced
Silver – $2000 / each
gold – phone for prices


 – Teacher – Shares knowledge with others, aids and guides children of the earth. Strong sense of family and loyalty

Wolf Face close-up


51 animals in the wolf face

Wolf Face – This close-up view shows a Raven forming the cheek,            2 Raven heads facing for the nose, A beaver for the base of the whiskers and pads that combine with the beaver to form the full whiskers. A2 Large Eagles form the nose, one on each side.


A lady carver at some of the shows we went too was copying our designs and item shapes so I did this design with the 51 animals on a relatively small surface, put it on the corner of our display table and faced it toward her booth…..sort of a ‘ …Oh ya ! ? …copy this ! ‘




Here are a few other wolf designs we have done, ( aside from the paws and wolf faces on rings and pendants. The Sand casting method for a belt buckle, and engraved belt buckle and the first wolf face bracelet with electroplating (a discontinued method)

PenC20 - Wolf Head and Emerald eyes pendants

PenC20 – Wolf Head and Emerald eyes pendants

wolf belt buckle

Belt Buckle

The first wolf face bracelet with electroplating

The first wolf face bracelet with electroplating















Wolf – Native American Wolf Symbolic Meanings. … Hunting tribes were those that often revered Wolf as a great warrior. Wolf medicine is that of devotion, victory, inventiveness, safety and fertility. Some Native American stories connect Wolf Spirit to human kind as an ancient ancestor or Creator God.

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Bearclaw Custom Jewelry
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Wolfface and 51 animals
USD $90-6000
In Stock or Custom Made
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