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We Buy Gold

We Buy Gold

What We Buy

We Buy Gold - Scrap gold

We Buy Gold From 10k, to 24k gold

  • Yellow, White, Rose and Green Gold
  • Class Rings
  • Broken or Tangled Gold Chains
  • Broken Jewelry
  • Items with Removed Stones
  • Gold Nuggets ,Coins
  • Gold Bracelets & Necklaces
  • Unmatched Gold Earrings
  • Gold Pins / Brooches
  • Dental Gold
How Much do we pay for Gold? 

The gold market is constanly fluxuating so I can not give you an exact amount estimate…but…

Each item is different, so I will determine weight and quality of the gold when I receive it and pay you 70%- 80% of the going rate of the market for the day it is received.

We Buy Gold and pay per gram. With a sample of $1664 USD an ounce , ( Jan 30 – 2013 ) for 24k , then we buy your 14k at $777 per oz or $27 to $28.45 a gram, 10k = $555 / oz or $18.50 to $19.50 / gr

Before we can use your Gold we send it to the Smelter and have the impurities and alloys removed and then made into clean 14k or 18k sheet ( etc ) ,so we can use it to make new products.

These guys here have a pretty close break-down in prices….( but we’re better ….)

80% is the price paid when we re-condition your gold. About 7-10% is lost with impurities and residue left behind. That leaves about 10% for the work for smelting , rolling it back into a working form for your item and a profit.

We Buy Gold – The Process

First, I would suggest you go through your old gold and find items that have the content stamped on the inside or back.

Next, For your Files…Put each karat type into separate bags, ( a 10k bag..a 14k bag )… and record it’s weight. The Post Office has scales that measure in grams. This is for your own record so there is no questions as to how much you are sending. I will verify this when the package is received.

Then, mail it off with the appropriate insurance to:

Frank Marasco, Box 3264 Mission B.C., V2V 4J4, Canada, ( phone – 1-604-614-1853

– Please do not put ‘ Bearclaw’ or ‘Jewelry’ on the outside of the package . Ship Registered and Express if you wish.

( regular mail takes about 10-12 working days and Express takes about 5 to 6 days.)

– and most Importantly…. please write a note for the inside stating that it is a returned item for repair or resale, ( so Customs will not hold the item for Import Taxes)

We Buy Gold –  F.A.Q

Q: Is my gold package insured when I ship it ?    A: You can insure Jewelry , via Mail up to $500 in Canada and unlimited in the US

Q: I don’t know if the gold I have is real gold.

A: Everything sold in North America and Europe will have a stamp on it signifying the gold content….it would be a 10k, or 14k etc…stamp, usually on the inside or back side of the item.

A ‘GF’ stamp means it is gold filled.

Q: What content is my gold Nugget?

A: Nuggets are usually from 18k to 22k on average. Nuggets have impurities and it is rare to fine a nugget that is ‘ pure ‘gold .

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We buy gold.
I pay 80% if we make a gold item for you from your extra stock...70% if just buying your stock....( the big boys don't ! )
I challenge you to ask them to disclose the amount they pay out....then come back here for your proper value.


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