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Return Policy

Return Policy  on Custom Products 

First……We still stand behind our Lifetime Guarantee –

We will clean,re-buff,re-cut,re-size or fix any flaw on all jewelry we sell for as long as the owner has the piece , for free

…but…..We will not pay for shipping either way….( so we will need a Visa / MC number for the return journey )

We cannot return any personalized and custom requested items…. example:

We could not use or sell an item with your name and wedding date…


Please be sure

that you like the design you have chosen and I will do all I can to give you a quality product..

All Custom returned items will be charged a fee to help pay for time spent in production, designing ,emailing ,refurbishing, restocking, stock acquisition or shipping .

If in doubt…. email us

Return Policy - email address for bearclaw jewelry

For example: If you order a ring and wedding plans fell through, I will have to charge back the shipping cost,(if mailed to you). This does not compensate us for the work done and does leave us with potentially $100’s of stock sitting here until it is sold.

Such is business and some costs must be absorbed, I am trying to eliminate this similar story….A well meaning wife had ordered a surprise gift of a Rams head ring. The husband had seen a production Rams ring on Ebay and wanted that one. The order was cancelled and since it was ready to ship we were out $800 in materials and time.

Obviously if he wants a ring that is Ebay mass produced that is his problem, but we are a small custom company, deal in one-of-a-kind items and do not carry a large amount of stock.

( it was sold after 10 years or so….)

But…..We still stand behind our Lifetime Guarantee

Return Policy  For Chains 

PLEASE….Make sure you know the style of chain you are buying as well as the width and length.

It is very helpfull to go to a Jewelers in your area and have a look ! If they have Italian Quality Chains then they are probably buying from the same supplier in Italy, which means we can offer a better price since we have eliminated a few middlemen.

We do not like returns as much as you don’t like paying for shipping and the 10% restocking fee….so….the Jewelry Store in your area should be your first stop to know what you want. 

Also….I’m sure that you can understand that we cannot return any personalized and custom made or engraved items.

For example:

We would have no use or sale for an I.D. Bracelet with your name and information on it ….

So to ensure we need not have to follow the Return Policy ……

Please be sure that you like the design you have chosen and Marlene and I will do all we can to give you a quality product.

We, however , do not pay for shipping on any items sent back to us.

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Informational - return policy
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