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Medicine Wheel Information

Medicine Wheel Information
The Medicine Wheel is based on the teachings of Native Spirituality  which is broken into four areas.
Each segment of the wheel represents different life lessons. They must be kept in balance in order to be a ‘whole’ person.

Medicine Wheel Information -The 4 directions of the wheel and north, east, south and west. They also represent the phases of life , childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and Elder.  Also, the seasons of the year (spring, summer, fall, winter), physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Most importantly…

the segments represent the Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Social elements whcih must be developed and
nuitured . All 4 are equally important. Most of all, if one of these aspects is neglected, a person may
experience a feeling of being ‘unbalanced’ and one of the segments needs to be addressed. This is life’s constant challenge

Generally the colors are White for North , Yellow for East , Red for South and Black for West, but this is not the only configuration that is used , or possible.

So, different Tribes require different colors

in the four corners as life changes and the person develops. For example, some change the black ( Onyx ) of the West to blue ( Lapis ).  Some tribes see a young man’s west wheel different when he goes through the right of passage into Manhood.

This is not a standard alteration but a limited change for some Tribes.

I have had several requests for colors or stones that I never considered ‘ correct ‘ but they insisted that the colors be in that configuration or gem.

Finally, a good book reference for a brief explanation of the medicine wheel but for great detail onanimals and their significances is:
Medicine Cards , by Jamie Sams & David Carson, from Bear & Co, Sante Fe, New MexicoAlso, by having a quick peak at Googles search engine you will gain enough links to keep you busy a very long time.
Channel 4Directions Medicine Wheel -ChSt11a - Bearclaws, Turquoise, Coral, Citrine and Diamond with Wolf paws and Bearclaw version with Turquoise replacing Onyx
MdSt31c- Wide band with Onyx, White Sapphire, Citrine and Ruby - gold on gold
Information on the Medicine wheel
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Information on the Medicine wheel
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Information on the Medicine wheel , the 4 directions ,and it's meaning in Native Spirituality

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