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Other Non-Native Designs

Other Non-Native Designs

Other Non-Native Designs - Memorial plaque For Andrea Grieve Fine Arts Bursary

Memorial plaque For Andrea Grieve Fine Arts Bursary

Other Non-Native Designs - Blue Knights Motorcycle Club

Blue Knights Motorcycle Club

These are very specialized items. The plaque demands that each piece is individually cut and engraved and assembled.

The madalion requires a mold and wax model and casting.

The badge was first computerized and sent to a CNC milling machine where it was milled to shape.

Depending on the machine and the ability of the programer and the advent of computerized jewelry just about anything is possible,

Other Non-Native Designs – possibilities

Bearclaw Jewelry  has the ability ( connections ) to make CNC assisted jewelry.

We have made badges, plaques for Motorcycles and pendants from peoples idea’s and sketches as well as from ancient runes and ‘rubs’ from rocks and metal from thousands of years ago.

CNC has opened up the possibility of science and art to once again meet with imagination.

Other Non-Native Designs costs will vary

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